Why Replace? Reglaze it and save thousands!

bathtub-reglazingIf your bathtub is looking dull, with many soap stains, dirt and grime, chipped everywhere and just unpleasant to have a bath on or even to look at? You don’t need to replace it and spend thousands! We can make your old bathtub look like new with the reglazing process!

You can even pick a new color and give a whole new personality to your old bathtub! When it comes to bathtub remodeling, Doctor Cabinets, Inc. delivers only the very best in material beauty and functionality. We provide professional bathtub reglazing services, effectively performed to turn your bathtub into a haven where you can prepare for the day and relax at day’s end.

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"Your satisfaction, is our greatest motivation. That's why Doctor Cabinets will go the extra mile for all our clients, guaranteed and with no exceptions. No job is too small or too big for Doctor Cabinets!" - Fabiano Nascimento, Doctor Cabinets, Inc.

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